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See the Big Picture

Mitchell ScriptAdvisor leverages technology and industry expertise to connect the ENTIRE claim. ScriptAdvisor empowers holistic, data-driven decisions that deliver better outcomes for you and your claimant.

Pharmaceuticals can be an important piece of the overall recovery plan for those injured in the workplace or in an automobile accident. However, managing these drugs can be complicated and adjustors may not have the expertise needed for approvals or risk determination.

Add to that an environment of changing medical and security regulations and the claims process becomes even more challenging.

Mitchell ScriptAdvisor simplifies, manages, and supports pharmacy benefits as part of a solution set that looks across all aspects of the claim to effectively, efficiently, and successfully manage the claim. ScriptAdvisor provides you the visibility beyond an individual prescription to the wider spectrum of insights so you can make the decision that gets your claimant back to their lives faster.

ScriptAdvisor™ Includes:
Robust Nationwide Network of Pharmacies   Expert Clinical Services
  •  Including the majority of pharmacies nationwide
  •  First fill capabilities without a card
  •  Mail order services
    •  Automated Monitoring and Risk Scoring
  •  Data Analytics
  •  Clinical Management and Intervention Services with RightRx
Integrated Technology and Workflows   Point-of-Sale Controls
  •  Coverage Determination
  •  Electronic Billing
  •  Customer Portal
  •  Integration with Other Mitchell Products
    •  Expertly designed formularies and step therapy best-practices
  •  Utilization Review and Prior Authorization Services